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12 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Visit Now

By Dr. Brian Smith On · Add Comment · In Our Blog

dentist on the calendarIf you don’t have a dentist in Bluffton, or if you haven’t been in for an appointment in a while, here are 12 indicators that it’s time to get in now:

  1. You’re in pain. Pain or swelling in the mouth, face, neck, or head could indicate a problem.
  2. Your gums are weird. Puffy, bleeding, uneven, or weird-looking gums aren’t normal.
  3. Your smile bothers you. Why hide your smile and feel embarrassed when there are ways to improve it?
  4. You’ve had work done. Your crowns, bridges, fillings, and dentures need to be checked out once in a while.
  5. You have chronic health issues. Diabetes, heart disease, eating disorders, radiation, and chemotherapy can all affect your oral health—and your oral health can also affect these health conditions. It works both ways.
  6. You’re expecting a baby. Pregnancy can aggravate some dental problems, and some dental problems can aggravate your pregnancy as well.
  7. You’re not eating well. If chewing and swallowing are difficult, the problem could be due to anything from bad teeth to throat cancer. Find out for sure.
  8. Your mouth is dry. You’re at risk for cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. The dryness could also signal a chronic health problem.
  9. You use tobacco. Tobacco users should be constantly monitored for oral cancer, gum disease, bad breath, and staining.
  10. Your jaw hurts. Popping, clicking, or pain might indicate a bite imbalance or a TMJ disorder.
  11. You see spots or sores in the mouth. Any mouth sore lasting longer than a week should be examined—even if it doesn’t hurt.
  12. You’re due for a checkup. A dental appointment at least once a year is a must—more often if you have ongoing dental problems.

If one or more of these conditions apply to you, contact a dentist in the Bluffton area for an appointment today.

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