We use Zoom! teeth whitening technology to enhance your personal appearance. This system by Philips is the No. 1 patient-requested professional teeth whitening brand on the market today. It is safe and effective way to obtain the dazzling smile you desire.

Zoom! in-office whitening is great for those who prefer the convenience of someone doing the treatment for them instead of doing a take-home treatment. This method is efficient and helpful for those with a special occasion just around the corner, or those who want immediate results. It’s a wonderful service that takes just a couple hours of your time.

Patients are ideal candidates for teeth whitening when they have healthy gums and teeth that are free of dental restorations and fillings. Restorations, even if they are tooth-colored, cannot be lightened with whitening products. If you are in need of a filling or other restoration, talk to us to determine if a teeth whitening procedure can be done prior to your restoration. Then we can make your restoration match your bright new smile.

The Zoom! whitening process begins by taking impressions to create custom trays to fit your teeth. These are used to maintain your white smile at home after your professional treatment.

We also offer take-home whitening method. The process is simple. We take impressions of your teeth to make custom-fitting bleach trays. We will show you how to place the whitening solution into the trays for optimal bleaching results.

Once you have your custom-made trays, maintaining your megawatt smile is easy. Just call us when you need more refills.