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CEREC is used by dentists all over the world to help improve patients’ smiles.

A state-of-the-art technology that enables us to craft custom, durable and beautiful ceramic restorations in just one office visit.

Let’s face it, not everyone is excited about coming to the dentist for a crown, filling or other restoration. It can be worse if it takes more than one appointment to complete the procedure.

Damaged teeth are restored in a single appointment with CEREC’s system, which uses computer-assisted technology to fully design the necessary replacement to restore the form and function of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

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Gone are the days of using impression material and sending the impression off to a lab, where it can take a couple of weeks to create the restoration. Instead, CEREC uses Bluecam LED technology to capture a digital impression of the area by using your natural tooth structure as a foundation that prompts the software to automatically develop an anatomical replica for any single, partial-coverage tooth restoration. A full-coverage restoration can be taken easily by capturing a digital imprint of your bite.

This system then yields a precise 3D model of the teeth. The Bluecam has the shortest acquisition times for such highly detailed images. It creates a half-arch impression in just 40 seconds and a full-arch impression in two minutes.

Using the 3D optical image, we make a custom-made ceramic inlay, onlay or crown in our office that is fitted to the tooth. The treatment- depending on the severity of the problem being treated- generally lasts about two hours.

These procedures are done from start to finish in our office. To learn more about CEREC, please call our office for more information, or visit the CEREC website: www.cereconline.com.

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347 Red Cedar St., #400
Bluffton, SC 29910


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